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Inklab is a creative agency based in Canberra, Australia. Formed in 2009, we’ve built a diverse team who offer insight and effective solutions for real business problems. We’re concept driven creatives who embrace the medium most relevant to you and challenge thinking to explore new avenues across design, advertising, digital, space and content.

Ideas and vision as individual as each of our clients.

Since ‘09

Led by directors Colin Haining and Tim Lynch, Inklab are a team of talented designers, artists, illustrators, communicators, digital experts and creative thinkers who always make time to play, experiment and explore.

Recent Awards

In 2014 we were shortlisted for best identity at the ‘Eat Drink Design Awards’. At the Page Awards, we were shortlisted for 6 x projects including two winning entries. Winner ‘Best Brand’ — Parlour Wine Room and Winner ‘Innovation Excellence’ — Roundhouse Hotels.

Our clients

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