More than a showreel

Crux is a Canberra-based film production company specialising in creative visual storytelling solutions. Known for their nimble and personable approach, the team works closely with clients to deliver projects with impact.

Crux Media Website Mobile Screen


The crude design and cumbersome navigation of Crux’s previous website undermined the team’s professionalism, technical capabilities and scale. We saw an opportunity to integrate the company’s values, expertise and experience into a polished portfolio and easy-to-manage online presence – a platform for detailing the collaborative process and showcasing projects to prospective clients.


An initial discovery session with Crux informed our approach. Solving for functionality issues and brand positioning concerns, the solution pairs impactful imagery with conversational copywriting. Bold and immersive, the new website takes cues from the work itself, combining expanded type, flicker animation and subtle hover effects. Website navigation has been pared back to the essentials for a smooth user experience. The powerful imagery is complemented by subtle loading and transition effect that mimic the brand, and reflect the care that Crux puts into each project.

Delivery – Services

  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Art direction
  • Website Development
  • Animation
Crux Website Screens
Crux Website Screens
Crux Media Showreel
Crux Website Mobile Screens
Crux Website Screens