Trust in Australian Wool

‘Trust in Australian Wool’ is a campaign that provides information on sheep health, welfare and biosecurity practices, as well as the world-leading sustainability and traceability processes unique to the Australian wool industry.

Brochure cover showing short sheet and singer sewn binding
Trust in Australian Wool logo/mark.


The purpose of the project was to capture and communicate Australia’s innovation and industry leadership. The brief was to design a brochure that developed and strengthened consumer knowledge about Australian Wool, particularly amongst those who drive demand for the product. The challenge was to capture and distil the true culture and integrity of the industry across three alternative versions of the publication.

Its content targets multiple audience groups with various needs. From students to career professionals, anyone interested in the Australian wool industry will find this resource to offer a simple yet comprehensive summary of the industry, its key features and achievements, and its framework for ensuring the excellence of its products.


In response to the brief, Inklab developed a large-scale, editorial-style brochure designed to instil a sense of awe in the reader. The art direction and photography style are vibrant and emotive, tracing the creation process of Australian wool products across various stages of production. Bold, clean and consciously sparse layouts communicate a high level of sophistication and are complemented by the generous use of negative space, allowing the imagery to breathe within the composition.

The considered pacing of brochure content was achieved by inserting compelling imagery and bite-sized facts in between longer paragraphs. Pull quotes give the reader a break from the body copy, while our ‘Fast Facts’ sections share snapshots of key figures in accessible language. The extensive information is supported and articulated with clarity for ease of consumption. Key messaging is supported by striking photography, clear information graphics and custom iconography designed to increase readers’ understanding of and interest in industry statistics. 

The ‘Trust in Australian Wool’ logo is a modern realisation of traditional Australian stamp typography. The serif headline typeface contributes to a more contemporary tone whilereminiscent of the hessian bags that have become synonymous with this industry. The body typeface provides legibility, delivering the key information in a formal manner.

Delivery – Services

  • Publication design
  • Art direction
  • Photography and video production
  • Iconography
  • Print production and management
Stacked brochures showing the singer sewn binding.
Photograph of sheep
Brochure open to show text layout and image of woman sitting in grass.
Hands touching natural wool fibres
sheep being herded into a field