Gritty, raw and emotive photography

Rush Photography / Rush Ent. Group


Rush is a Melbourne based photographer known for his beautifully captured, raw and emotive portraits. His iconic visuals bring a timelessness to contemporary contexts. His ability to draw out the intimate and playful is reflected in his portfolio images of Australian and international athletes, musicians, actors and artists. Inklab were tasked with building a brand and digital presence to compliment his gritty and urban aesthetic. Rush Ent. Group, the production offering, will build on his already strong portfolio of videos.


The Rush and Rush Ent. Group brands were designed to be bold and confident. Capturing a mood of urban street culture and hip-hop music (themes commonly found in his work), we wanted the brand personality to be reflective of this culture. In application, the ‘RUSH’ brand can be reduced to a single letter ‘R’ allowing the amazing photography to become the focus. All iconography, navigation, and typography is kept simple, again to let the work do the heavy lifting.


– Brand development
– Art direction
– Responsive website

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