Giant, beautiful burgers

We’ve rebranded Brodburger (Canberra’s most popular burger joint) as they’re more colloquially known; ‘BROD’. With this simple, loud and unapologetic approach, we’ve created a brand that is more ‘street’, and more closely aligned with the big burgers they’re known for; they’re messy, imperfect and in your face.



A Canberra icon, Brodburger has been a regular on Australia’s top ten burger joints (and for good reason). When launching the original Brodburger from a food-van, we created the original brand which had an honest, simple approach to support their good food and simple ingredients. Fast forward a few years, and this supremely popular team now sell burgers from the Historic Glassworks venue.


Working with the Brod team, we’ve created a brand that is entirely flexible and yet iconic. It’s a fat, juicy identity that can work in a variety of applications and can be repurposed to keep the things fun and always different. Inside the venue, the menus have been created as paste-ups and applied in random order, using carefully constructed burger photography to help add to the street food appeal. Using this approach, we’ve contrasted the messiness with a simplicity that still translates seamlessly to the digital environment with hard hitting graphics, and a simple navigation.


  • Identity
  • Art direction
  • Signage & environmental
  • Website
  • Marketing

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