Community, innovation and excellence

Ona is one of Australia’s leading independent coffee roasters and distributors.

Hand holding a phone showing the Ona Coffee website shop page.
Flat design of the Ona Coffee homepage landing. Showing headline text which reads "Creating the. best tasting coffee in the world" as well as Ona logo, image and navigation menu.


Founded by the energetic Sasa Sestic, Ona is committed to making the best coffee in the world, with company goals of sustainable development, industry innovation and fostering community.

The brand’s previous online presence did not reflect the company’s growth. Its templated approach, which involved splitting content across two separate websites for marketing and ecommerce, failed to integrate the brand’s story and resulted in a significant loss of traffic.


Our solution was to build an online presence inspired by the brand’s in-store service. The aim of this project was to educate customers about Ona’s coffee, move away from a standard template eCommerce site, drive sales and communicate the brand ethos through an updated user interface. To achieve this, we combined hand-drawn illustrations, playful brand elements and colour, extending them from existing brand collateral into the digital environment.

Through storytelling, we ensured that the website captured and distilled the essence of Ona’s brand, from messaging through to illustration. Driving sales directly from the homepage, the website’s design created the opportunity to align a strong existing brand to a single streamlined ecommerce experience.

Delivery – Services

  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • POS and stock integration
  • Ecommerce development
  • Animation
Hand holding a coffee cup with latte art picture of a swan
Barista standing behind café counter. On the counter are two large coffee machines and multiple coffee grinders and other coffee accessories.
Ona website designs in mobile and desktop format on a background image of coffee beans.
Lots of flat mobile device web designs on a maroon background. A mix of images, text and illustration.
Barista pouring milk into a coffee cup.
Flat website designs. Ona Coffee shop page and page telling the origin source story.
Three flat mobile device web designs on a maroon background. A mix of images, text and illustration.
Image of fresh red coffee beans in hessian bag.