Premium produce from paddock to plate

Claystone Meats is a collaboration between the multi-generational Claystone Farm and established Canberra brand Brodburger. The new brand, Claystone Meats, proudly partners with fellow family-owned businesses and independent grocers to promote transparent processes and the ethical, sustainable consumption of beef.

Stickers with Claystone branding.
Farm photography with rolling hills in background and cows grazing.


The challenge was to create a brand identity that felt authentic and rustic, honouring its farm roots and emphasising the traceability of its products. The identity needed to position the brand and its products as premium, reputable, and local, with the potential to scale up in the future without compromising on its small-brand feel and values.


The solution is a type-led brand identity that conjures a sense of old-world authenticity. Its curved type is reminiscent of traditional food logos with strong supporting typefaces that accentuate slogans and taglines. The colour palette draws on earthy tones, referencing pastures, whilst the punchy red ties into the Brodburger brand. We developed a series of badges and stickers that are widely applicable across physical and digital touchpoints, from packaging to social media content. Brand photography immerses the audience in the brand story, capturing the hands-on approach, whilst product photography uses dark, moody lighting and stark compositions to emphasise quality.


  • Branding identity
  • Packaging and POS
  • Website
  • Art direction
  • Photography and video production
  • Iconography
  • Print production and management
  • Photography: Lean Timms
  • Videography: Rawpro
Cut of meat with Quality Claystone Meats logo on top of image.
Person on a horse at a farm with their thumbs up looking away from the camera.
3 posters side by side with Claystone marketing.
Instagram 9 up tile view with Claystone designs and photography.
Close up on horses face as a side profile.
Young girl roasting marshmallows around a camp fire with adults talking and roasting marshmallows with her.
Dog walking into a dam on a farm.
Claystone circular badge design in red sitting over image from Claystone farm.
Solid red background with text 'Available Now – T-bone, bone-in ribeye, eye-fillet, rump and ribs'.
Mockup of Claystone website homepage.
6 people riding horses with a dam in the foreground and sun setting over the rolling hills in the background.
Mockup of Claystone website.
Mockup of Claystone website.