Creatively articulated, built for life

Eifer is a boutique construction company crafting high-end architectural features for commercial spaces. Eifer collaborates with clients to build unique, experimental designs that elevate environments, challenge perspectives and expand the human experience.

Photo of building with timber cladding and greenery


Considerable growth resulted in changes to the company’s scope and direction. Our challenge was to reposition Eifer as an industry leader and communicate their unique offerings and capabilities to the local market.


We created a unique identity with a custom typographic system which embodies the brand’s technical, detail-oriented approach to problem solving. Its modular design communicates intelligence and innovation through the dynamic yet harmonious combinations of individual letter forms. The variations of each letter represent various construction materials such as timber, stone and metal, and make reference to ideation, process and experimentation methods. These unique logotype lockups inspire countless creative applications.

The novel use of type and colour spark intrigue amongst audiences and seek to differentiate the client from industry competitors. When engaging with the site, the user is immersed in the earthy tones which contribute to the brand’s distinct and memorable colour palette. Promotional applications juxtapose these deeper hues against vibrant, eye-catching bursts of yellow and purple. The website uses subtle transition techniques and animation to make for an immersive experience that doesn’t overwhelm the user. The website has been built to showcase the brand’s expertise, presenting past projects to prospective clients with clarity, confidence, pride and professionalism.

Delivery – Services

  • Brand identity
  • Copywriting
  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development
Semi stacked Eifer logo on lilac background
Semi stacked yellow Eifer logo on green backgroundInline Eifer logo on yellow backgroundGold stacked Eifer logo on charcoal background
Eifer logo typography system showing variations of letterforms.
Various Eifer booklet covers showing brand flexibility and typographic style, layout and image application.
Various page designs for the Eifer website displayed in desktop device format.
Various page designs for the Eifer website displayed in desktop device format.