Sophisticated tools for optimising coffee

Nucleus Coffee Tools are pushing the boundaries of product and process. Founded by World Barista Champion and ONA Coffee creator, Sasa Sestic, the innovative team approached Inklab to redesign their outdated website in alignment with their passion for and involvement in the coffee industry.


Over the years, the rapidly-evolving, ever-innovating Nucleus has refined its research-led, design-driven approach to product development. Our challenge was to design a user experience around the existing logo, maintaining legibility and accessibility while expressing a high level of attention to detail.


The website’s immersive interface combines text and image in open, spacious layouts. Keyline graphics and offset type convey precision and an unconventional approach, with technical, sharp and detailed typefaces. The minimal colour palette takes cues from metals, formed plastics and coffee, with the website’s background shifting from light to dark to differentiate the product experience from technical information. Navigation features hover, full-screen takeover, and push-and-pull effects that add drama and meaning between sections.

Balancing creativity and craft, the site was designed to accommodate the brand’s growing product range. Content emphasises functionality and technical specifications, making mixed use of technical drawings and rendered photography, as well as information, instructions and downloads for each product available on dedicated product care pages. An integrated ‘where to purchase’ feature connects users with stockists and engages potential resellers to expand the Nucleus distribution network.

We worked collaboratively with the Nucleus team to develop an authentic brand voice expressing values of ambition, connection and enjoyment. Copywriting creates a story around the brand and presents the brand’s history, values, expertise and approach in a succinct but engaging way.


  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Art direction
  • Illustration

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