Wine and dine, day and night

Such and Such is the dreamy sister venue of Canberra’s two-hatted restaurant, Pilot. In direct contrast to its simple, seasonal menu and warm service, the restaurant’s atmosphere channels the essence of a maximalist, interactive gallery, elevating local artists, makers and craftspeople.


Just a short stroll to and from the theatre, the new venue caters for a range of occasions, from spontaneous walk-ins to business luncheons and intimate dinner dates. Our challenge was to develop a name and identity for the venue that captures its unique offering, eclectic personality and unconventional approach to hospitality.


Amusing yet sophisticated, the name ‘Such and Such’ sparks conversation with its ambiguous, approachable nature. Taking cues from the name, colloquial-style copywriting uses ‘and’ as a conjunction to express ideas through familiar and unusual word pairings. Matching relaxed messaging with warped, wavy typography reflects the venue’s casual ethos. Direct-flash, high-contrast photography maximises impact and intrigue, while curvaceous, playfully surreal vector illustrations connect with diners through contemporary symbolism. While graphic materials provide moments of relief and clarity to enhance the user experience, the opulent colour palette stands out in application, rather than blending into the interiors. The website design provides immersive layouts, animations, quirky interactions, and easy access to information. As a result, brand, architecture and interiors combine to create a unique experience that, like dreams, is distinctly open-ended, difficult to articulate and most appreciated after a firsthand encounter.


  • Brand strategy and development
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Illustration
  • Web design
  • Copywriting

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